“Sometimes I sit in my room staring at this drawing, lost in my own thoughts with deep focus and effort, trying to understand my relationship to the world and all its beauty, horror and complexity. Soon after I often realize that the picture I’m staring at, describes me as I ponder.”


“This is a painting of a picture. According to the article, the picture was on, the monkey was taking a sip of water from a river filled with crocodiles.

An excellent example of the individual’s courage, even if somewhat harrier than we are.”


“Self drawn portrait from a picture. ”


“Submission to an art contest at a call center I used to work out. Here you can see fresh out of highschool 20 something year olds in the wild, taking shelter during the trippy night. ”


“Repressed Anger and Hope”


“A Portrait of a Real Event Original Photograph by Dmitry Lovetsky. May 2011 http://tiny.cc/3blxhw Portrait by Juan S. Galt June 2012 Original Canvas Version for sale. PM for more info.”