Get and Secure your first Bitcoin!


Get and Secure your first Bitcoin!

Welcome Aboard Bitcoin!

You are about to acquire a freedom you have never felt before. Money with integrity.

This is not conjecture. Bitcoin is literally a never before seen kind of money. It always does exactly what it is supposed to do and no middle man -be it a bank or government- can stop it. Isn’t that exiting? It’s a new dawn it’s a new day! it’s a new world!!

No more bias in politics and money.

Simply find what you want and pay for it.

Cherry on top? it has great speculative potential as a store of value because of its similarities to gold and silver.

Here’s a 3 minute video I made on one of the easiest ways to buy Bitcoin (USA only, if in Canada or another country, contact me.)

But there’s much more to it…

I’m Juan S. Galt. I’m a Bitcoin and blockchain researcher. I’ve been studying ‘crypto currencies’ since 2012 and professionally I’ve been a journalist since 2014.

I was an early adopter of Ethereum and have worked with multiple cryptocurrency communities like DASH, Supernet, NXT and of course, Bitcoin. DASH and Ethereum have shown more then x5 growth since late 2015.

I’m a Certified Bitcoin Professional. I’m not a software engineer or a cryptographer, but an economics and technologically savvy analyst and educator. I can facilitate the entry into these cutting edge markets for new users, investors and businesses.

Want to learn how to buy your first Bitcoin and secure it?

Want to know what crypto currency projects I have my eye on for mid to long term ROI?

Want to learn the basics and advanced tools for Bitcoin security & anonymity?

Contact me by email at, on Facebook by name, on Twitter or Telegram at @juansgalt or on Whatsapp at +5217442284112.

Standard consulting fee is 40 USD an hour for an introduction to Bitcoin.

I will get you from knowing nothing about how to use Bitcoin, to feeling confident in your ability to secure it. Once we are done, you will own Bitcoin and will have made your first transaction. I will also answer any other questions within the hour.

We can also talk about more advanced topics like Bitcoin anonymity. Altcoin alternatives and their costs and benefits, the general functioning and value proposition of blockchains, interesting blockchain apps for speculation and much more! Contact me for details. 🙂

I also have a workshop on how to get and secure your digital assets and online identity, as well as dramatically increase your privacy and general security online with very easy to use technologies, You can find it at

Best regards.

Juan S. Galt.


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