Hi, I’m Juan S. Galt. I’m a Bitcoin and blockchain researcher. I’ve been studying ‘crypto currencies’ since 2012 and professionally I’ve been a freelance journalist since 2014.

I was an early adopter of Ethereum and have worked with multiple cryptocurrency communities like DASH, Supernet, NXT and of course, Bitcoin. DASH and Ethereum have shown more then x5 growth since late 2015.

On January 2017 I was elected by the Komodo blockchain community as a Notary node host and an Ambassador. I’m honored to be in this role and as I promised, I will publish regular updates on my social media about important Komodo events and updates. Don’t know what Komodo is? check this out.

I’m a Certified Bitcoin Professional, as per C4 standards. I’m not a software engineer or a cryptographer, but an economics and technologically savvy analyst and educator. I can facilitate the entry into these cutting edge markets for new users, investors and businesses, and connect them to the companies and industry leaders they seek.

I’m also part of an intentional community of digital nomads, Voluntarists and Anarcho Capitalists set in Acapulco, Mexico. I lead the creation of an amateur documentary about our community and can also help you connect with us here, as well as find an apartment among other errands. Check out our page on the topic to learn more about us and the Anarchapulco conference that started it all.


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