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Crypto Financial Services

Crypto Financial Services

I help you get from initial interest in the Bitcoin & blockchain space, to general, niche and holistic understanding of this market, all the way to secure crypto holdings and in the future, estate planning.

Conference Content

Conference Content

I'm fully geared and experienced in getting promotional and topical content about all things Bitcoin and crypto finance. I'm also an experienced public speaker and have plenty to talk about.

Enterprise Consulting and Advisory Services

Enterprise Consulting and Advisory Services

Having been in the Crypto space since 2013 and after publishing over 400 pieces of content on the topic, I have seen many failures and success stories. The making of hard to come buy business strategy advice for innovative blockchain oriented organizations.


My Education & Career

I began my Bitcoin career out of Toronto's Bitcoin Decentral, home of Ethereum, Jaxx.io and one of the biggest crypto communities in the world. I was certified as a Bitcoin Professional by the cryptoconsortium.org industry standards organization, and have since worked in the field as a private investment researcher, journalist, consultant and startup entrepreneur. I have a self taught background in psychology, philosophy, economics, and art, which I hope comes through in my content, given my lack of official certifications. The reward for going down my own path was finding Bitcoin early. This cross disciplinary knowledge endows me with a rare & creative problem-solving mindset.

  • Bitcoin Decentral

    Bitcoin Decentral

  • Crypto Consortium

    Crypto Consortium

  • Bitcoin Magazine

    Bitcoin Magazine

  • Coin Telegraph

    Coin Telegraph

  • Investment Research / TDV

    Investment Research / TDV

  • Consultant & Entrepreneur

    Consultant & Entrepreneur


Publishing since 2013

Professional Writer, Researcher & Public Speaker

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Client Testimonials

  • Howard Lichtman

    Howard Lichtman


    I am a 3x happy consulting client… I have enjoyed a 300% return on my original Bitcoin investment in February of 2015… Juan gave me a tier one lesson in setting up a wallet, securing it. He has also consulted with my 12 year old son explaining to him the best areas in investment and where the technology is going. Can’t recommend Juan highly enough!

  • Josh M.

    Josh M.


    “I had the pleasure of working with Juan for one-on-one coaching in cryptocurrencies. Juan is truly a wealth of knowledge and understands this extremely complex topic in a very deep way. Juan is super nice, helpful and answers every question in detail. I will be continuing to work with Juan in the future and couldn’t have picked a better coach!”

  • Alejandro



    “Juan helped me gain a lot of knowledge about cryptocurrency. He explains very well from a psychological & practical standpoint, and helped me gain a stronger perspective about cryptocurrency trading & investments. His follow ups with me are always great. I’m inspired by his passion of research & his services. I totally recommend everyone to Juan & his consultations. Thank you so much Juan!”

  • Sophie Edwards

    Sophie Edwards

    Former editor, The CoinFront

    "I reported on the cryptocurrency space for more than three years and have hundreds of articles under my belt. Even still, Juan's knowledge runs circles around my own. If he doesn't have the answer, he always seems to know someone who does. He's easy to get along with and explains things in a way anyone can understand. He's my guy when it comes to all things crypto, and he should be yours as well."





I’ve Made So Much Content!

More to be added to this curated list soon…


Is Bitcoin Headed for a Break in Fungibility?

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Chris Horlacher CEO of equibit.org reveals his experience with Wallstreet grade company [more]

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Roger Ver on Bitcoin Governance

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Andreas Antonopoulos: The Case Against Reputation and Identity Systems

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Peter Todd on Blockchain Security and Limitations. PoW vs PoS

Old unpublished interview from Anarchopulco Conference, in March 2015, Acapulco, Mexico. Covered [more]

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Trace Mayer: “Bitcoin Core has No Real Competition”

Trace Mayer explains why Bitcoin core has no real competition when it [more]